One of the most important parts in preparing for a great first or hundredth Yoga session is having the right clothing — in effect, the right yoga pants. Different students are comfortable wearing different types of yoga pants, depending on their skill level, what types of physical exercises they will be doing, and conditions such as the temperature of the yoga space.

When buying yoga pants, be sure that you first figure out what style you are looking for. Once you know what your purpose in wearing them will be, you will be able to properly evaluate a selection and find the perfect pair for you.


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General Style

First, consider the style of pants. There are a variety of yoga pants with different variations to choose from. Are you more comfortable wearing fitted pants or a baggier style that leaves some room? Do you prefer an elastic waist or one with a drawstring?


Left: Full Length, Loose Fitting, Cotton Fabric // Right: Full Length, Fitted, Synthetic Fabric

Think about this for a moment, but do not be too concerned; when you begin shopping, you will be better acquainted with your options and can re-consider your style as you browse. Choosing a style is not definitive, it is just a starting point to get you started.


Length and Waist

An important part of choosing a yoga pant is the length. The length is a matter of function and comfort. Typically, yoga pants come in two length styles: full length and capris.

Full length pants stop at your ankle and capris pants end at the calf muscle. Full length pants that are fitted and tighter may bunch up at the ankle if it is only a bit long. Capri pants do not bunch up but could become too tight at the thighs if the material is not stretchy enough.


Full Length Yoga Pants


Capris Style Yoga Pants

The waist of a yoga pant is equally important. There are a variety of waist types to choose from. Some incorporate a drawstring, some use elastic bands, and some sit higher on the waist than others. As you know, yoga requires performing a range of different motions and positions through the physical techniques.


Loose Fitting Drawstring Yoga Pants

It would be wise to try on different styles of new pants and to perform a range of motions that you intend on practicing during yoga, to see if they will suit your purpose. You should be able to sit on the ground, lean forward to touch your toes/ankles, without excessive strain at the waistline. Also, try standing up and bending down towards your toes to ensure that the back has sufficient coverage. Extend your legs in different positions as you would when practicing yoga, as well.


Full Length Elastic Band Fitted Yoga Pants

Remember, when it comes to the waist, some will rise during usage. You can avoid this by assessing the waistline and seeing if they are too high. Drawstrings are uncomfortable during many yoga positions, but not always, and many people prefer them. Do the same movements with these pants as well.

Elastic bands are most popular as they do not contain drawstrings. For those who prefer a baggier style of yoga pant, drawstrings are great in customizing the waist size while allowing some room in the legs.



The last part of choosing the right pair of yoga pants is the fabric. Your style of pant will have an impact on what type of fabric you will want to use.

For example, synthetic fibers such as polyester, tend to breathe better than cotton fabrics, which can get hot. However, the synthetic fibers may pill faster after washing and drying.


Synthetic FIber, Elastic Band, Capris Yoga Pants

Cotton fabrics absorb moisture and can get hot in intense yoga classes and hot environments. However, in winter months, colder yoga spaces, and in less intense classes, cotton can keep your body warmer.


Loose Full Length Yoga Pants, Cotton with Drawstring


All fabrics wear with friction over time. The tiny knots of loose fibers occurs in both synthetic and cotton fabrics.

Trying on yoga pants is important to ensuring that you find the perfect pair. Choosing a material that will not hinder your comfort or movements is crucial — this includes the type of stretch that a material offers.

Most fabrics have a natural 2-way stretch. Yoga pants with a 4-way stretch will be more comfortable when working out and doing complex yoga positions. However, if you prefer a nice baggy or loose fitting yoga pant, a 2-way stretch may work just fine.