Yoga can be hard. Even entry level classes can be grueling to novices getting into yoga for the first time. For those who have been practicing the art of yoga for years also find new advanced positions to contort into all the time.

If it wasn’t already difficult enough for most of us, people are now doing yoga…on horseback.

WHAT?? Camel Pose

Camel Pose on a Shockingly Unimpressed Horse

Horseback yoga has been in practice for some time now in isolated areas and in private practices, but it has now become popular at Spain’s La Donaria, which is an eco-friendly resort right outside of the Sierra de Granzalema Natural Park. Led by Spanish yoga instructor Laura Garcia, horseback yoga apparently gives yogis a change so they can strike their favorite pose on the back of a ginormous horse.


What Kind of Yoga Is This?

Horseback yoga focuses on a type of yoga called Kundalini, which can be done by almost everyone, including novices. This may be so…while on flat ground, at any rate.

With approximately 70 horses located on La Donaria’s 600 acres of peaceful land, these animals serve as yoga partners when they aren’t working in horse shows. It’s good to know that they are trained to be near humans and do weird things like handstands and, now apparently, Tree Poses and perhaps a Half-Cobra. We’re pretty sure a Garland Pose isn’t going to be possible here, but don’t let us stop you from trying.



While we at Yogapants think this seems a teeny bit dangerous (in the way that horseback riding alone can be dangerous), if you are great with equestrians, perhaps this is something you may be interested in trying.

Horseback yoga at La Donaria in Spain is actually quite inexpensive, at around $65 a class. The idea does fit in with the expected clientele at the resort, as well, which makes for a great business model. People who love La Donaria’s nature-friendly vibes will likely be interested in getting up close and personal with the beautiful horses there — albeit, in a rather unusual way.


American Availability

As of now, there actually are horseback yoga classes available in the U.S. One example is the Salamander Resort in Middleburg, Virginia.

While the whole thing seems interesting and adventurous, it may be just that — an adventure, rather than a daily or consistent practice. The odds of the average person getting hurt doing horse yoga seems pretty high if that person practices a lot that many feet off the ground. And if you fall, you will out of commission for a while. So, practice horseback yoga at your own risk.

It's very high up there

It’s very high up there

However, while horseback yoga is actually a thing, it has not replaced the varying, traditional types of yoga we all know and love. Hatha, Bikram, and Vinaysa yoga is still practiced nation- and world-wide with our feet planted firmly on the ground.



While there is now the option of doing so on horseback, the actual practice is probably not for everyone. The photos of yogis doing horseback yoga is quite beautiful, and makes me respect them all the more for being brave enough to give it a try.

This is a photo of a pose you will never find me doing on a horse. Ever. Not even if my spine magically turned into rubber.

This is a photo of a pose you will never find me doing on a horse. Ever. Not even if my spine magically turned into rubber.

So, if you’re feeling adventurous, give this unique yoga a try. Meanwhile, I’ll be in my living room doing yoga on my boring mat. On the ground. With my small dog. No horses allowed, sorry.

Maybe this one, he's cool

Maybe this one, he’s cool

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