Americans are falling in love with denim all over again — unfortunately, it’s at the expense of yoga pants.

Within the debate over whether the “athleisure” trend is starting to fizzle out, data from Google Trends shows us that interest in denim is picking up. Meanwhile, fewer shoppers are on the hunt for yoga pants. However, this does not automatically mean that correlation means causation.


Yoga Pants are Not Dead Yet

“We believe that the athleisure trend is plateauing, and we expect more conservative growth going forward,” a Jeffries representative said.

While data analysts such as Randal Konik of Jeffries believes that yoga pant manufacturers should “watch out,” they may be premature.


While growth in the sports apparel market has recently slowed to 5 percent, from 7 percent in prior years, the denim trend is just that – a trend.

Just like Treggings and other hybrid pants.


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After several years of decline, the fashion cycle appears to slowly be shifting back toward denim. Interest in this fabric has been building thanks to new styles, which include rips and wider bottoms. Basically, we’re all going back to the grunge stage, but calling it “fashionable.” 

However, while this trend may not last long, it is having a very real effect in the market right now.

Retailers from American Eagle and Macy’s have recently called out strength in their denim wear — just as yoga pant giant Lululemon reported a traffic decline in the quarter ended July 31.


Earlier this year, Lululemon CEO Laurent Potdevin stated that like many of the brand’s critics, including myself, he believes that this so-called “athleisure” bubble will pop. However, he argued the burst will hurt those companies that hopped on the trend, and don’t have the technical know-how to deliver as high-quality of merchandise as they can.

This can spell bad news not for the yoga pants industry but the companies who hopped on a trending bandwagon. Yoga pants may have the last laugh after all. In the end, we all go back to comfort. Until the bubble bursts, only time will tell.



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