Treggings are an interesting new “hybrid” pant that claims they are appropriate wear for a straight transition from your yoga class right into a work meeting. The question begs, is this true or are Treggings just another trend by consumers due to their alleged convenience? Let’s take a look.


What are Treggings?

In a world of sweat pants, yoga pants, leggings, jeggings, and treggings, it is difficult to know what on Earth some of these pants are. While most of us mortals who hate mornings and make ourselves get out of bed and put on clothes and look presentable, I think we can all agree we would rather stay in our pajamas.


Apparently, Betabrand’s “Dress Pant Yoga Pants” Collection have taken this ideal to a new level, by coming out with the “Tregging.” The word doesn’t do much for me, but Betabrand has called this new trend: “ultra-comfy yoga pants that are also appropriate for the office.”

There are many attractive Treggings out there, and within the range are a multitude of colors, styles, and cuts. Some look more like yoga pants, some look more like leggings, some have an odd look of a legging/skinny jean cross-over, and some look like leather for a great night out. With so many options, you can definitely find the right one for you.


There are also boot-cut, straight-leg, leggings style, or cropped-leg — each with an infinite color palette.


Should I Try Them?

As a stand-alone outfit, do as you please. Treggings can look great and if you want to wear them to the office, on a day out, or to a party, by all means do so.


Should you wear them at your next yoga class? Probably not. Stick to your yoga pants; after all, you spent a lot of time choosing the best pants for yoga, and choosing the right fitting is crucial for a healthy yoga class. The wrong fit can wreak surprising havoc on your form, mentality, your yoga poses, and make you very uncomfortable.

Plus, wearing Treggings at your yoga class, then heading straight to the office in the same pants is something that I think gives most of us a grimace. Hit the locker room or head home and put on the appropriate clothing for work — it’s worth the extra effort to put together a great look. If you want to try Treggings at work but not use them during your next yoga class, even better! You can try out a new legging/tregging trend and not upset your yoga instructor or boss.



While the office-studio hybrid Treggings are a very comfortable form of leggings and yoga pants, it may be a step too far to say that it is best practices to wear these pants to yoga since they are not made with the same considerations in mind as proper yoga pants. In addition, crossing the territory between yoga pants and office wear creeps us out a little, to be honest.

Try out a pair of Treggings for yourself on a day off work and let us know what you think. For now, I think I’ll leave work wear at work and my yoga gear in my locker.





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