We have recently written an article on Betabrand’s yoga pants that mix the ability to look great at work after completing your daily yoga.


The Treggings Trend: Are These Hybrid Pants Really Yoga-to-Office Ready?

While Betabrand has arise in as the main producer of these work-yoga pants (coining a new phrase “athleisure”), Lululemon, the yoga pant giant had also come out with a few work-yoga pant styles in order to combat a monopoly on this increasingly popular athleisure.

Not long after Betabrand began raking in the profits, Lululemon and Carbon 38 have made increasingly targeted lines of athleisure yoga pants since this trend does not seem to be going anywhere. As a convenient way to avoid changing multiple times a day while staying fit, attending your yoga classes on work days does not have to mean taking a gym bag with you everywhere you go with extra clothing.


While those who take Hot Yoga or intensive yoga classes won’t likely take to this trend, as their yoga classes mean sweating a lot during workouts, for the average yogi who does their relaxing stretches and poses, this may be a great solution to changing and hauling around your gear all day.

These athleisure pants are moisture-wicking, breathable, and look shocking sophisticated, making them fit in seamlessly in the workplace. They are also very comfortable, of course, as any yoga pant should be.


Who is Getting in on Athleisure?

The athleisure market has been trending upwards and has been said to be a $44 billion market in the United States alone, according to NDP. Retailers are looking to expand their “activewear-all-day-long” category so that you can transition from the gym to office and not just the park or your local coffee shop. They want these pants to be fully functional.

Since wearing traditional yoga pants to the office has made headlines recently, with executives both supporting this trend and not, it makes a lot of sense for consumers to want to get some more use out of their wardrobe.


The companies that are getting in on the athleisure market to combat Betabrand’s popularity are the global yoga pant giant Lululemon and Carbon 38. All three of these companies have designed performance work-yoga wear that is sleek, comfortable, and ready for the stress of yoga as well as the stress in professional environments. One thing is clear: this trend is moving from a temporary fad to a long-term change in the way people work and play. With more startups getting in on this market, and with more casual dress codes at work becoming more common, millennials are seeking out a multi-purpose wardrobe to keep up their increasingly diverse lives. This influence on the fashion industry is surprisingly large, since wearers make up the largest group of the U.S. population.

It is unknown who the next large clothing manufacturers will begin developing athleisure wear, but new startups and large mergers may be in the future of yoga wear.



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