With the holiday season upon us, we begin to think of the thoughtful gifts we want to give to our friends and family. Some are easy to buy for while others are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. If that difficult person in your life is a yogi (lover of yoga), then the following gifts and stocking stuffers below will make shopping this season a breeze!


Diane von Furstenberg Yoga Mat

Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection

Availability: Target.com and NeimanMarcus.com beginning December 1st

Price: $49.99


There are never too many mats for a yogi to have, especially when someone else buys one for you! This collaboration between Target and Neiman Marcus with designer Diane von Furstenberg, has produced great-looking yoga mats with great styles to choose from and a carrying slip that allows your gift receiver to carry it easily over their shoulder as opposed to keeping it rolled up under their arm.

This gift is well worth the price and will happily surprise the yogi in your life. You may be buy one for yourself; because, you know, treat yourself!


Take Me With You Tote


Price: $178


Yogis are often very busy in their lives, from running to yoga class, going to work, perhaps taking care of children and completing tasks around the house and at the office. When it comes to keeping all of one’s yoga belongings in one place, nothing is more helpful than an all-in-one Lululemon tote bag.

Yogis can use this tote to carry around their mats, water bottles, and other essentials, or for a getaway during the weekend.


Buddha Bowls


Price: $25


Living a relaxing and mind-clearing lifestyle is more than just yoga. Chances are that your yogi friend or family member appreciates other ways that you can give them a comforting nod towards their interests.

This cute gift allows your yogi to take comforting sips of soup, hot cocoa, coffee, tea, or more in these black and white Buddha Bowls. They fit easily in the palm of your hands, so sipping its contents is cathartic and feels peaceful.

These Buddha Bowls only cost $25 and are an excellent and thoughtful gift that they are sure to enjoy.


Gaiam Golden Om Earrings


Price: $26


Finding peace outside of the yoga studio and off the mat is important for leading a peaceful life. Finding inspiration in the little things in life, like small reminders of your goals can go a long way.

Treat a friend or family member yogi to these beautiful golden Om earrings by Gaiam. This is a trendy and great look for anyone and can brighten up their day as they work while wishing they were doing some yoga poses.

This thoughtful gift costs only $26 and can be purchased directly on Gaiam.com.


Yoga Zen Om Handmade Leather Journal


Price: $28 (regular is $40)

Get 20% off your order by using the promo code: TWENTY


Finding the time to manually write out one’s feelings, personal goals, poetry, thoughts, inspirations, and spiritual vibrations has lessened with computers and busy lives. But I know of nobody who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive a real, handmade Zen Om leather journal that uses recycled leather and handmade paper.

This 100% tree-free and environmentally friendly journal is the real deal. It is created based on the beliefs of being environmentally conscious and is strikingly beautiful. This extremely personal and thoughtful gift is on sale for only $28 and you can even get another 20% off by using the promo code “TWENTY” at Soothi.com.


Aroma Infuser Elite


Price: $110


Many yogis partake in many comforting home-based stress relief measures beyond yoga. From surrounding oneself with comforting or energizing paint colors, arranging the furniture in Feng Shui fashion, to following an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, you can add on to your friend or family member’s relaxing lifestyle by buying them an Aroma Infuser.

This Aroma Infuser Elite can turn their space into a wonderful, stress-free zone by using aromatherapy and smells that they personally find to be peaceful. At just a touch of a button, you can make an impact on their lives.



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