We’ve already gone into reviewing yoga gifts to to give to family or friends as a nice stocking stuffer, but as the holidays are upon us and December is nearer than ever, it was prudent to create a list of additional gifts that you can give your yogi for Christmas, or just because, depending on the holiday they celebrate.


Gifts and Stocking Stuffers for Yogis

Christmas gift-giving to the yogi in your life should be two-things: quality, not quantity; and thoughtful as opposed to mainstream. Giving a thoughtful gift does not necessarily have to be expensive, and choosing the right one will make yoga lovers very happy and touched at your thoughtfulness.

Take a look at the following gifts to give to your yogi this holiday season:


NutriBullet Pro 900 Series

Price: $89

Link: https://www.walmart.com/ip/NutriBullet-Pro-900-9-Piece-Set/46275746?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=2094&adid=22222222227033904972&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=72193488632&wl4=pla-140127426272&wl5=9012215&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=113148485&wl11=online&wl12=46275746&wl13=&veh=semv


You could really win over your yoga-loving friend or family member with a new NutriBullet. This Pro 900 series only costs between $89 and $100 and may be something they may not buy themselves. If your gift recipient is into juicing and making their own health smoothies, help them replace any old (or lack of) a juicing blender and get them the Nutribullet Pro 900.

They can quickly make green smoothies, juices, and protein shakes in a flash and even tote them to their yoga class! This is a great way to show them that you pay attention to their interests and their healthy lifestyle and want them to enjoy it to the fullest.


Spiritual Gangster Savasana Pullover

Price: $65


Okay, this gift is just perfect for that goofy yoga lover in your life that loves a good joke. This tee is coveted in the yoga world due to its irony and sass. It can keep your friend warm on their way to yoga and give their yoga partners a laugh too.


Body Language Scrunchy Yoga Leggings

Price: $55


This fun pair of yoga leggings are the perfect gift for your yogi, and they come in a variety of great prints. These leggings have a great, runched waistband that will slim down your waist, as well as keeping this article of clothing in place during yoga.

Every yogi loves to receive a new pair of yoga pants — they are the perfect gift!


Yogitoes Skidless Yoga Towel, Chakra Collection

Price: $50

Link: https://www.everythingyoga.com/Yogitoes-Skidless-Yoga-Towel-Chakra-Collection.htm

Help out a sweaty yogi who participates in hot yoga or vinyasa flow classes. This skidless yoga towel will help keep your yogi safe as it lends a hand to prevent the slipping of sweaty hands and feet.


Made of microfiber, this is an extra-absorbent materials with a textured surface so the user can remain rooted onto their mat. There is nothing more important in yoga than practicing it safely.

This towel is also made of recycled plastic water bottles, new polyester, and nylon with silicone nubs, which is wonderfully eco-friendly and equally as important to a yogi as practicing their craft. The dyes in the fiber are lead and heavy metal free, so it is made with responsible and safe materials. It’s also machine washable, so hey, you’re doing your friend or family member another favor!

The dimensions are plenty big for just about any yogi, at 68 inches x 34 inches.


Yoga Figurines

Price: $12.95

Link: https://www.everythingyoga.com/yoga-figurines-small.htm

Everyone who practices yoga seriously loves to surround themselves with inspirational and beautiful artwork and meaningful symbols. These yoga figurines are small, beautiful, and thoughtful pieces that showcases the beauty of yoga.



Your yogi can take these to their office, home office, or place them about their peaceful place in their living space to remind them of your friendship.

These asana yoga figures are tranquil and peaceful and guaranteed to be appreciated. There are three poses available (or you can buy all three!), and made of acrylic, they offer a simplicity that is completely in-line with the world of yoga.

The three poses to choose from include: the camel pose (2.75” x 3.25”); the one legged upward-facing bow pose (4” x 7”); and the bow pose (3.75” x 3.5”).


Divine Art Decorative Kundalini Chakra Ladder Wall Hanging

Price: $59.95

Link: https://www.everythingyoga.com/Divine-Art-Decorative-Chakra-Ladder-Wall-Hanging

At the link, there are two design options: this is for the “Kundalini Chakra Ladder” — you can also purchase a regular Chakra Ladder option without the individual graphics.

If your yogi loves decor, then they will love this full color wall hanging that inspires the healing arts, yoga, meditation, prayer, spa, and more. Made in the U.S., each wall hanging includes a wooden dowling rod. The dimensions are: 11.25” x 63.25”.



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