Many people prefer practicing yoga and meditation in the quiet and sanctuary of their own home. Having your own room or studio to dedicate to peace of mind and safely practicing yoga on your own schedule can be one of the most wonderful ideas for maintaining your enjoyment of the yoga lifestyle.

Have you ever noticed that wonderful, overwhelming sense of peace and calm that washes over you when you walk inside of your yoga studio? Perhaps there is something about the scent or the candles, the people or the Buddha statue that greets you — all you know is when you walk in, you feel like home. The best part is, you don’t have to leave your home to achieve the same sense of calm and mindfulness that you get from yoga.

Create Your Own Yoga Studio at Home

Sparseness and calm are the most important aspects of a good yoga studio, whether it is in a commercial space or in your home. This is because yoga sanctuaries are all about introspection, mindfulness, peace, mental and physical wellbeing.

The less clutter there is in your physical space, the less clutter there will be mentally as you utilize your home space to create a yoga sanctuary for private use. Sparseness also has a natural functionality as you will want plenty of room to do your stretches, poses, and meditation without bumping into walls or objects.


For the best results, dedicate an entire room for your yoga studio, if you can. Or, if necessary to share your new yoga space with a home office or bedroom, try and dedicate a corner “lot” or area that can hold all of your yoga gear: your mats, blocks, equipment, cushions, candles, wall art/decor, statues, straps, and any other items you would like to have in your yoga sanctuary. Include items that are only functional or beautiful. Remove items that serve no purpose to you. This will help to remove distractions and create a wonderful, blank canvas to start with.

Sharing Spaces

Sharing Spaces

A sparse, sustainable (eco-friendly) design is the best start to creating your studio. Start with an empty space and think about the things that you need as well as the things that inspire and motivate you without cluttering your space.

Choose calming colors on your walls, such as muted, cooler tones or warm whites. Since your equipment and design items may be more colorful and inspired, this will allow you to use this space without too much visible “noise” distracting you from your main goal.


There are plenty of paint options that are perfect for yogis, such as: non-toxic paints, no-fume paints, eco-friendly products, and colors that promote a nurturing environment and peace of mind as you meditate and practice yoga within your new space. Benjamin Moore’s Natura line is a great eco-friendly and non-toxic choice to choose from.

Next, set the mood you are seeking in your space. Lighting is incredible important – don’t underestimate it. It can influence your mood and well-being. A great idea would be to install a dimmer switch on any overhead and/or standing lamps. Choose the right kind of bulb to use based on the type of light it casts. Choose an eco-friendly bulb that saves energy but casts a warm, inspiring, and comforting light upon you.


As you will likely have a window in your yoga room or space, a nice, lightweight cotton would be the perfect material for drapes. This will filter the natural light coming in beautifully and peacefully, as well as serve as a practical privacy partition that adds softness to the room.

Next, place your mats and equipment in a way that is functional and promotes your specific yoga preferences or feng shui. This design is up to you and your comfort.


Accessorize your space sparsely but with things that inspire you or comfort you. Statues, wall decor, scented candles, aromatherapy devices, and flowers are a wonderful list of items that can really set the mood, represent who you are, and keep your intentions for this room on track.

omsweetom-meditation-cushion-flower shutterstock_112348460

If you need to search for inspiration, head to a thrift shop, local flea market, and even salvage yards to look for reclaimed woods, an antique chest, props, blankets, or mats. Interesting sculptures that serve as a simple focal point are great for centering your space with intent.


Your space is incredibly important to your mood and influencing the quality of your meditation and yoga. Create your space with items and a vibe that resonates with you personally. You can always change the look, your decor, and functionality as you wish to continue to inspire and motivate you.



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