With competition in the athleisure market making it more difficult for yoga pants to maintain their trendy stronghold, it seems as if popular brands such as Lululemon are facing a decrease in sales.

According to stock analysts, there are concerns for brands such as Lululemon that women are losing interest in athleisure clothing such as yoga pants and leggings.

While yoga itself is still popular and the gear and clothing needed for yoga is still doing well for actual yogis, the market of yoga gear for people wearing athleisure for casual use is becoming less popular.

We may be seeing less of this in the future


There is increasing competition from gym-wear brands such as Nike, Under Armour, Copper Fit, and Adidas. These rivals are selling less expensive gym-wear that makes most consumers consider buying their athleisure and workout gear from these brands rather than choose high-priced yoga pants.

Under Armour and Adidas becoming more popular


We wrote an article some time ago about the emerging trend away from athleisure and towards denim.


The Popularity of Yoga Pants as Leisure Clothing is Being Overpowered by Another Fabric

While this seems like an odd trade-in, you must remember that the consumers affected by the trends are not those practicing yoga, but consumers who are wearing yoga pants for casual athleisure wear.

Women seem to be favoring distressed and ripped denim for leisure wear now as opposed to the comfortable yoga pant that has reigned supreme for some years now. In addition to denim, women are trading in yoga wear for retro athletic styles from brands like Puma and Adidas.


What Happens Next?

While the statistics of shoppers has shown yoga pant athleisure to be slowing down, it is by no means dead. This decrease may inspire many brands to lower their prices on yoga wear, which could benefit consumers, who have been buying them in lower numbers.

Since celebrities and consumers alike are blogging and creating popular trends at cyber speed, the trend towards denim, retro athletic looks, and gym wear from Under Armour and Nike are slowly overtaking that of yoga wear. As trends come and go, while yoga pants may not remain the most popular choice for casual athleisure wear, yogis will not have to worry about them going out of style completely.

Perhaps this is the beginning of an evolution of yoga wear that will transform into more workout-oriented gear with the increase of sports technology integrated into exercise wear.

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