If you are looking for yoga with a different spin on it, aerial yoga could be an ideal change in your routine. You may have seen aerial arts before — it is essentially yoga but in the air. With hammock-like swings made from draping fabrics, aerial yoga is intended to add another level of difficulty to traditional yoga practices.


What makes aerial yoga so different and such a great addition or change to your yoga routine is that it makes you use your muscles in a completely different way than you are used to. The purpose of the draping fabrics is to use pulling motions (as opposed to yoga’s typical pushing motions) in conjunction with the flow of the natural swing. This works your body in a different way and gives you an entirely new range of poses to practice daily.

What aerial yoga can accomplish in the body includes creating balance, flexibility, strength, as well as additional physical and mental awareness. It’s also a really fun way to be creative and to stretch your muscles while enjoying gravity. The great part about doing yoga in the air is you can really stretch into your poses more than you can in a normal floor yoga session.


Some people, even those who are accomplished yogis, can be intimidated by trying something new like aerial yoga. The idea of using draping cloth or silk in an acrobatic yoga session may make many yogis or first-timers feel like they can’t do it — but we assure you — no matter what your size, gender, level of ability, or experience with yoga, trying aerial yoga is easier than you may think.

Start off with a beginners class, where instructors will show you the safest and most effective ways to get started. You will likely start into a preparatory child’s pose — something you are familiar with. You may feel disjointed at first while you get used to the fabric swing, but listening to your body is one of the important aspects of getting started in aerial yoga. You could experience light-headedness depending on your previous experiences with yoga and poses, but it does not take long to get used to aerial yoga and enjoy it.


The inverted poses during aerial yoga is where things can be scary and fun. There are several positions that will be taught for use as a beginner and later on. Inverted aerial yoga poses involve nearly sole use of your legs while hanging upside down and swinging back and forth. The main hurdle to this process is overcoming any trust issues such as when learning to execute a backflip out of the hammock.

Another great aspect of aerial yoga is that this yoga type truly works every muscle in your body — especially muscles that don’t get much use on the ground in traditional yoga poses. And if you are worried about the risk of this type of yoga, you will be happy to know that the risk of falling is actually really slim.


Try out aerial yoga and you can really begin to step up your yoga game into something new. If you are bored with ground yoga and have maxed out your potential, perhaps aerial is the way to go. When learning new poses and skills, the feeling is highly rewarding, and with minimal risks and the fun of swinging around in the air and using all of your body’s muscles, you will feel incredible after every session. The ultimate payoff is experiencing a relaxing session like you haven’t had before. You can create your own positions and move in and out of any combination that you like for an exciting and new experience.


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