Has winter taken its toll on your skin and appearance? Well, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The dry air of winter and cold weather essentially sucks moisture away from your skin, leaving you with a pale, dull, or lifeless complexion. This is frustrating, since we are anything but dull and lifeless in real life and we want our skin to reflect our health and personality. Plus, everyone wants great skin year-round, and the cool months shouldn’t be any exception.

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Winter months also take its toll on our bodies — the moment we step outside into the cold weather, we instinctively scrunch up our shoulders around our ears, tense our bodies to shield our internal organs against the harsh air, and essentially store that excess tension in our upper backs and shoulders. This isn’t very fair on our bodies and can actually make us look and feel worn out. Physical stress during winter and cold months is a tough deal, but there are many steps you can take with both topical solutions, eating well, and (you guessed it, yoga), which can do wonders on keeping your skin healthy and vibrant while keeping your body loose and relaxed in the face of the harsh winter.

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Keep Warm Indoors

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Or Have Fun Outdoors

Now, while moisturizing is very important to help ease your winter skin dryness, true radiance comes from within. Easing cold-weather tension is key to going beyond keeping hydrated and moisturized to truly brighten your skin complexion.

There is a great 15-minute “flow” of yoga that is designed to brighten your skin and get that blood circulating to the forefront of your skin to leave you looking and feeling vibrant. Yoga is such a great way to release tension and keep blood circulating well — this 15-minute yoga practice works in a couple of ways in order to start or end your day on a high note.

Owner of Yo Yoga!, instructor Rebecca Weible, will walk you through this energizing routine at the video below!


Click Play on the video and expand to full-screen to follow along!

First, your opening yoga poses needs to open your shoulders and relieve the pent-up stress and tension you are carrying around.

Through a series of inversions and sun salutations, this sequence will promote circulation and bring that rosy glow back into your cheeks. Along with feeling refreshed, you will feel more energetic, optimistic, and you will look great.

Try out this 15-minute skin brightening yoga routine to get your day started off great before heading to the shower. You’ll have pale-faced and cold people asking how on earth you look so good and energized when it’s freezing outside.

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