Whether you are new to yoga, a veteran yogi, someone who wants better gear to workout or run in, or you want a new pair of yoga pants or leggings for casual and cute wear — brand reliability and quality matter.

And as you know, you don’t want to pay another $90 (or even $20) on leggings that end up letting you down later. Before buying from a new or unfamiliar brand, make sure you you do your research first — it’ll be worth it.

Since yoga pants aren’t the cheapest these days and there is a pretty large range of brands to choose from, we took a look at the most popular brands’ yoga pants and leggings and took at look at the pros and cons.



Lululemon is without a doubt the master of all yoga pant brands. Known the world over, this brand may have been struggling with sales recently due to the massive pool of competitors offering yoga gear at better prices, but they have made themselves known as the brand of quality. I mean, they are a brand that focuses on fitness attire so they do have a reputation to keep up.

Now, like we said, yoga pants are not exactly cheap. WIth the right pair of yoga pants with the right fitness technology within the material, the price is an investment. And with Lululemon, the brand has its perks with customer service as well. You can bring your pants or leggings back to any Lululemon store and they’ll fix defects for free.

Now, there is another negative about this brand, but this will depend on your size. The size range of this brand’s leggings is between 0 and 12 — so, no problem if you are within this size range, but if you are not, you may be out of luck.

On the plus side, the material used in Lululemon’s pants are not sheer — they are actually thick enough to have you covered in any yoga position, so no worries about anyone being able to see through them during a downward facing dog.

The brand also carries a large variety of yoga pants: crops, shorts, leggings, or plain yoga pants — no problem. Overall, Lululemon may be a bit costlier than other brands, but their quality materials, customer service, reliability, and commitment to athletic wear are a great investment (for those who can fit into their limited size range).


Under Armour

Under Armour is one of those great brands that creates a variety of health and fitness attire from compression wear (like sleeves), undershirts, sports pants and shirts, and of course, yoga pants.

Surprisingly, despite their popularity, Under Armour is actually pretty reasonable in comparison to other brands. Another plus is that they are very, very comfortable to wear and not too expensive.

One downside is that while this brand is comfortable, their yoga pants and leggings can rip somewhat easily. So, if you bought some at a good price, it may not be worth it if they rip or don’t last a fraction of the time that more expensive leggings did.

Make sure you do your research — check certain pairs online and read the reviews before ordering to make sure they are durable and of good quality — especially if you see a good deal.



Nike — the iconic brand. The Pepsi to the Adidas brand’s Coca Cola. This respected sports brand has a ton of options to choose from from casual wear, sports wear, yoga wear, swimming wear, running and workout attire, and much more.

However, the quality of Nike’s yoga leggings/pants may depend on the style you buy and the size. Now, Nike is much better with offering regular and plus size options than Lululemon, but you may notice a difference in quality the larger the size is.

If you are lucky enough to be a size small, the quality will be very nice. If you check out a size large, though, the fabric gets a bit see-through when you bend over — which, of course, is what yoga is all about. That’s the last thing you should have to worry about when you are working out or practicing yoga at a studio.



Now, the Adidas brand is possibly even more popular than Nike around the world. What seems to be a strange thing about this popular brand is that they never seem to have the supply to match the demand.

From small to large sizes, online or in-store, Adidas is seemingly always sold out of their best styles and cutest leggings. This is disappointing and quite an inconvenience for consumers like us who are looking for the right yoga pants.

However, if they are in stock and you’re about to buy, you will be very pleased. The quality is great and while sizing can be somewhat of an issue (like with Lululemon), this seems par for the course for fitness brands.

One of the worst things about Adidas yoga pants is that a lot of the bottoms are not forgiving or flattering for the figure. While they are comfortable, unless you have great legs and zero cellulite, the tiniest bit of fat will show right through these pants. Who needs that self-doubt in their mind as they are trying to find inner peace?


New Balance

First off, New Balance does have great yoga pants — their sizes range from extra small to extra large, which is excellent for most of the population. It gives most people the opportunity to get themselves some cute and functional fitness attire no matter your size.

One issue with this brand is that they do not have a huge variety of styles. They only have 4 different style types and that’s not nearly enough to cater to the needs of consumers and their specific tastes.


Victoria’s Secret

Well, for all of the brands listed, when it comes to style, Victoria’s Secret definitely does it best. Depending on your personal tastes, the huge letters branding the pants can be a good or bad thing.

Unfortunately, besides style, they must be functional. When it comes to structure, there is a lot of work to do. The fabric is thin and somewhat transparent when you bend over — so unless you want everyone to know what kind of underwear you have on, maybe check on the thickness of the material before you purchase.

Victoria’s Secret also only carries sizes from extra small to large — and their sizes are a bit small compared to the same size in other brands. This doesn’t do a great job of catering to most people.



When it all comes down to it, yoga pants are worth the price depending on what you are looking for, how much you like them, and if it is cost-effective for you. It all comes down to personal comfort, as well, which varies with everybody.

When trying yoga pants and leggings on in person, make sure you do a few light stretches and see how you feel before buying. It may also be best to make sure they aren’t translucent and show too much when you’re doing poses.


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