It seems like everyone is talking about the positive effects of yoga on one’s health and mind. This begs the question: could yoga be a good choice in activity for kids, too?

Children today have been spending more time working on school work and looking at their computer and smartphone screens. This has led to many kids becoming very jittery, stressed out, and in need of an outlet for their overactive minds and body that don’t have an outlet yet.

Yoga for kids is a great way to get your kids moving again, to help them de-stress with some meditation and yoga poses, and develop strength and flexibility. Most kids are already either flexible or strong, but not always both. If you are looking for a new activity for your kids or are seeking for more ways to encourage your child to live healthier, try out yoga for kids.

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Teaches them Healthy Habits

One of the benefits of kids yoga are its long-lasting effects. Yoga can help to set up your child(ren) for a healthier future. Yoga can help to prevent childhood obesity and promote a healthy lifestyle. Regular yoga practice is also believed to play a role in preventing heart disease and diabetes.

If you start at an early age, yoga can help kids to develop healthy habits for life. It can also help them to become more confident.

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Reduces Anxiety

Yogis have long sworn by how calming regular yoga practice can be. One of the reasons that yoga feels great is that it has been found to release chemicals in the brain — these chemicals are associated with lowering anxiety and stress.

Kids are more stressed today than ever before and yoga can help anxious kids to tame their worries. This will help them be happier, do better in school, and become more confident.

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Improvement in School

Children face challenges every day at school that require an incredible amount of mental focus for such young people. This can be even more difficult if they are already stressed over the amount of work they have to do, the lack of physical movement allowed during school hours, and anything else on their minds.

A lot of times, children can experience school-related stress and anxiety due to pressure to do well in after-school activities and in class. Stress can end up making things worse by preventing students from doing their best.

A study was done where yoga was practiced by 159 high-stress students. Not only did their stress levels lower, but they performed better in school. Yoga is low-impact and safer for children than other types of non-play exercise.

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Teaches them to Listen to their Bodies

Yoga can also be instrumental in teaching your kids to listen to their bodies, recognize any issues, and care for their bodies. We all know that when kids feel tired, hungry, sleepy, or any type of discomfort, that they get upset. Yoga is a great way to teach kids to pay attention to what their body is telling them and how to address it.

Even teaching them how their body feels when they’re not getting enough sleep is an important tool to help them be mindful about their bodies. These are self-care strategies that everyone, child and adult, can benefit from and your kids can continue to utilize throughout their lives.

If your kid is having a difficult time getting a good and restful night’s sleep, yoga has been proven to help with the quality of one’s sleep as well.

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Control over Thoughts

Daily yoga and mindfulness practice (meditation) teaches kids to be aware of the connection that exists between their body, mind, and emotions. This is something most children don’t make this connection until they get older and even teens have a hard time sorting out their emotions, mind, and body.

This type of awareness can help to teach children how to think and feel with greater awareness and control over their own thoughts. This can help with stress, anxiety, depression, and give them confidence in themselves and their autonomy.

Here’s an example: let’s say a student earns a bad score on their homework assignment — they may think to themselves, “I’m stupid and I’ll never get this right.” With awareness of their thoughts and the fact that we think these things about ourselves when they are not always true — this student can challenge their negative thoughts and re-frame it to be more reflective of reality. Perhaps they realize that they didn’t score as high as they would like but that they can improve their performance in the future.

This really helps with giving them confidence that they can find solutions to problems and as a consequence, can also decrease negative thought processes.

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Consider yoga for kids for your children — if there are not any yoga classes in your child’s school (and there probably aren’t), you can start right in your living room. There are YouTube channels, illustrated guides, blu-ray/dvd’s, physical studios with kids’ yoga classes, and other option to get started.

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