There is a new manufacturer on the block — Rumi X is a brand that offers eco-conscious, high-impact support fitness apparel in all shapes, lengths, and sizes. This is a relatively new brand that is trying to crack into the hot yoga pant / athleisure market by setting themselves apart.

Their commitment to using recycled materials to create quality yoga pants and fitness wear has so far been met with positive reviews by consumers. Since the practice of yoga is surrounded by mindfulness of one’s self and surroundings, being kind to the environment, living a low-impact lifestyle, and being green, Rumi X has nailed down their unique brand style in their manufacturing process.


The creators of Rumi X yoga pants use 17 recycled plastic bottles to make each pair. What’s incredible is that you would never believe that green technology had been used to make these seemingly traditional yoga pants. Rather than using polyester and synthetic materials that are polluting oceans with microfibers, Rumi X yoga pants and apparel uses recycled plastic bottles as their source of fabric creation.


Available in a variety of prints, Rumi X yoga pants have a unique sweat wicking property that absorbs odor and moisture — they even have UV protection built in. Rumi X also makes additional accessories such as sports bras and tops, which are made with recycled coffee grounds.

plastic bottle tech

Their Tops, Sports Bras, and Bottoms are available in different support types as well, so you can get a custom support to your clothing that is just right for you. The yoga pants come in shorts, capris, leggings (of different lengths), and even maternity crops.


The price range for leggings is around $78.00, which is reasonable in the world of yoga pants — I, for one, would be happy to pay a price such as this for eco-friendly, soft, supportive leggings that offer all of the wicking and stretching capabilities as any other great brand offers.


Capris cost around $68.00, shorts will cost you $45.00, and maternity crops are $88.00 (although there are often sales up to half off).


Rumi X’s slogan is “Feel Good,” and the Rumi X yoga pants and their other apparel is designed for just that. The quality of this company’s performance apparel is simple, bright, and intended for studio-to-street use.

Rumi X defines their brand by their ongoing commitment to the environment. They source eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics that embody wellness and giving back to the earth.

With signature prints and four-way stretch technology, comfort is always the first priority in designing and manufacturing their yoga pants and other apparel.


Save 10% off by registering with Rumi X before purchasing online: You will receive news, offers, and other perks as well when you register.

Take a look at the nice selection of athletic and yoga wear from Rumi X at their website:


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